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JOVY RE7500  large2  
JOVY RE-7500
Code : RE-7500
Rp 0,-

In Stock

20 Kg

Jumlah :

Deskripsi :
JOVY RE-7500 Dark Infrared BGA Rework Station New New
harga call

This is probably the best value for money BGA Reballing/Rework Station money can buy - Ideal for Mobile Phone Repairs, XBox 360, PC, Sky HD, Reballing or Reflow and anything and everything SMD.
Jovy RE-7500

You can spend 10s of thousands of pounds on rework equipment. You don't need to spend silly amounts of money with this giant killer of the rework stations. Pound for pound it is the best rework station that will knock out the competition costing many times more. It is the choice of the informed technicians all over the World. Until recently the price was double what it is now.

This is your chance to modernise your workshop with a high quality, low price rework station and boost your income by tackling jobs that you wouldn't dare.

The Jovy will outperform machines costing many more times. Real time temperature monitoring and saved profiles make it difficult to damage components by overheating. This rework station is ideal for fixing the RROD XBox 360 problems. Optionally, there is a XBox 360 Reballing kit available.

The Wise Choice for any serious Repair Shop/Centre. The affordable BGA Rework/Reballing Station for the enthusiast technicians with more sense than money. This machine will outperform its rivals and is built to last with German Dark Infrared Technology built with Chinese manufacturing expertise for the Global market.

Insat International offers a 1-year warranty with the Jovy RE-7500 and all warranty claims must go through Insat International. Unlike other companies, Insat will not ask you to send your Jovy back to the manufacturers in China, we will deal with your claim in-house to ensure a fast and efficient resolution to any problems you may have.
This is what Cameron Boyd says about the Jovy RE-7500
There are only a few types of BGA reflow machines that are available on the market today. You have but only two choices: Hot air, or Infrared. Hot air machines are great don’t get me wrong, but they do have their limitations and they present hazards to nearby components- they'll blow them right off their pads. Not only that, but they won't help you remove plastic connectors and sockets. Once you buy the hot air rework machine, you still have to put out hundreds, if not thousands for the nozzles! Most of the time, they don't even come with one! Next, the Infrared machines: These machines typically have a bulb, that’s right, a light bulb, that you have to replace. They do work, but the heat is uneven, and near uncontrollable. However, because they cost so little, and they are better choice than a torch to remove a BGA, many techs turn to these types of machines.

Enter the Jovy Systems RE-7500 BGA rework machine. It's also infrared, but it doesn't have any light bulbs. Instead, it incorporates German made heating elements, which use dark infrared technology that makes the heat controllable and even. Plus, the RE-7500 has a built in lower pre-heater, and a built in air pick to pick up the SMD components. The RE-7500 will even allow you to remove plastic components, with no damage to them! System comes complete with a very smooth and heavy X-Y table. Cost? You can pick up one of these beauties for right around $3000.00, complete- which includes shipping. Imagine being able to repair circuit boards instead of replacing them. How many times have you had a repair turned down by the high cost of board replacements? How many times have you had to send something out, just to have this service performed? How many times have you turned down a repair, because you couldn't replace a BGA??

Jovy System RE-7500 is a new SMD / BGA Rework Station manufacturer in the international market. Jovy Systems Products represents the best solution for SMD / BGA Rework for the money. Introducing its newest product, the RE-7500 BGA Rework Station. This new BGA Rework Station incorporates the latest in advanced dark medium infrared technology, using German made components, assembled in China. Using advanced technology, in conjunction with its partners and distributors world-wide, Jovy Systems Products is leading the market in BGA and SMD Rework Stations.

Field of Applications

    Medium & large scale service centers
    Mobile electronics and communications systems devices
    Cellular, PDA s, Handhelds, PC motherboards
    LAN devices, network nodes and military equipment
    Portable medical equipment
    Anything and everything SMD

Ideal for Reballing and reflowing Xbox 360 or PS3. Free Xbox 360 reflow profile


    The RE-7500 can be used to remove and reflow all SMD components, including BGA, CBGA, CCBA, CSP, QFN,MLF PGA, epoxy underfilled uBGA's, and more.
    Recommended for reworking all plastic parts including PTH, sockets, and connectors - all without any damage to the plastic parts.
    Complete rework process including pre-heating, soaking, reflowing and cooling stages are all achieved with this breakthrough technology, insuring accurate and standardized results.
    BGA Rework / Reflow
    Operation of the Jovy RE-7500 BGA Reflow machine is a breeze compared to conventional hot air systems. There are no nozzles, making set up a breeze. By the use of heat reflective tape, the user can focus the heat to desired areas, and prevent damage to sensitive or nearby components. Using the included X-Y table, and the built in laser pointer, the PCB can be positioned accurately to allow reworking.
    The built in pre-heater is capable of delivering 600W of power. Combine that with the 300W upper heating element, and even large tasks are easy, accommodating PC boards up to 13.77 in x 17.71 in. in size. The RE-7500 removes heavy grounds and metal shielding with ease. And, when it comes to removing plastic parts, the RE 7500 does so without any damage or distortion to the plastic parts. Try that with a hot air machine! The RE-7500 also incorporates a built in fan for the cooling process, and an on-board air pick for both picking and placing components during reworking.
    The Jovy RE-7500 system can connect to your laptop or PC, which allows remote operation of all functions. This interface also incorporates profiles that you can create and edit, and then upload directly to the RE-7500. This allows for consistent results time after time. Profiles are an easy way to adjust all phases of the reflow process, including pre-heating, soaking, reflow and cooling stages.

RE-7500 JOVY Soft

    Fast USB Data Streaming and control for all machine features and processes.
    Real Time PCB Temperature monitoring.
    Two modes for temperature unit adjusting (Centigrade, Fahrenheit).
    User Profile Creation and uploading.
    Upload and adjust Machine Settings (Sleep mode, Alarm sound, etc).
    Upload Factory Initial Settings.
    Download and run ready made standard profile from Customer Support Area or create your own.

Aspects and Specifications:
Top heater Power:     300W
Pre heater Power:     600W
Pre heater Power:     220 Volts 50/60 Hz.
Max board Size:     350mm x 450mm
Weight     16 Kg
profile setting

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alhamdulilah barang dah sampai bos, Quick 706W nya mantap setelah saya cobai blower dan soldernya endak kecewa beli quick ori di master-laptop benar benar original, info pak bos banyak barang quick aspal...jangan jual itu kecewa user nanti..wassalam

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thanks master-laptop endak kecewa beli M88 nya, trainingnya mantap "pak hendra" sharingnya dan cara ngajari mudah saya ngerti endak perlu datang ke toko trainingnya tetap puas udah hasilkan M88 3 MB solved. Salam solved pak hendra

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ikutan juga kasih info toko recommaded untuk sparepart notebook, laptop part lengkap dan semua NEW utamanya chipset dan ic, barang endak abal abal, beli tempat lain barang di oplos chipset biaru hijau beli datang di kasih warna gelap...seperti barang bekas...mahal dikit di master-laptop tapi barang makyus pasang langsung ON cap gopek deh toko master laptop

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recomanded, Beli SVOD M88 udah saya terima, file bios EC KBC juga sudah, Trainingnya juga sudah, trainingnya mantap jelas banget cara ngajarinya, di tempat lain endak ada trainingnya, untung endak beli di lain tempat. 2 hari udah menghasilkan, support, sharing nya bagus, maju terus www.master-laptop.com

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Setelah beberapa kali order sparepart laptop di master laptop malang, saya merasa puas dengan pelayanan yang diberikan.. masterlaptop memang profeessional

just to share.. kemarin ketika saya mencoba mencari tool pengangkat chipset, saya mengalami kesulitan dikarenakan barangnya yang langka. Namun ketika menemukan website "www.master-latop.com" saya bisa bernafas legaa.. ternyata stock mesin.nya banyak banget, merk nya tidak hanya satu, kualitas barangnya sesuai dengan kualitas impor. selain itu harganya tidak mahal dan barang di beri garansi... thanks master laptop

hendro kartiko
thank bos hendra kerjaanku jadi banyak selesai habis dari situ beli mesin BGA HT-R392 + training sampai bali lanjar jaya mesinnya, moga endak ada kendala selama masa garansi 1 tahunnya...thanks kerjasamanya

padula centro laptop
ikutan isi testimonial bos chipsetnya gress new endak seperti di toko lain chipsent banyak bekas di bilang baru..harga beda dikit tapi endak kecewa beli di bu ima master-laptop

thanks Gan master-laptop malang beli mesin bga di master-laptop, beli free training cara setting pakai sampai mahir tidak kecewa hasilnya dan trainernya friendly datang jauh juah dari bandung....

Rahmad hidayat
review Hakko FX-951, hasilnya mantap bos, pakai mata spatula bersihkan chipset tidak perlu solder wick tanpa resiko pad hilang, teman mau pesan eh barang nya lagi habis, kabari yah kalau udah ready stock ke email saya..thanks www.master-latop.com

kunto aji
recomended seller buat: master-laptop.com ,buat agan agan jangan ragu beli disini orangnya baik dan jujur serta barang oke ,pokoknya top markotop dah !

maaf baru sempat kasih testimonial...sejak jadi customer master-laptop, alhamdulilah tidak pernah kecewa...paling telat dari JNE nya..heheh komponent semua ori tidak aspal seperti beli di tempat lain qualitas 100% makyus

asep syaifudin
Mantap deh...belanja di FB di kasih discout hari ini, Minggu lalu indent M88 hari ini lunas langsung dikirim free ongkir lagi, endak kecewa belanja di master-laptop.com

ucok medan
Fan Keong, tubo fan LCD Projector nya benar benar baru, harganya paling murah seindonesia...kwalitas terjamin dan garansi benar benar profisioal ni website master-laptop

teguh harianto
Kuakitas barang.nya siip banget...

Terima kasih gan barangnya udah nyampek. kualitas barang sama pengirimannya emang betul - betul TOP :)

makasih master-leptop barang yang saya pesan sudah sampai dengan packing yang bagus dan aman tanpa lecet sedikit pun trimakasih

Putri Ayu
Setelah beberapa kali berbelanja online di materlaptop malang, saya rasa harganya jauh lebih murah dibandingkan harus belanja online di tempat lain recommended banget!!!

Samsul Arifin
Terima kasih, barangnya sudah saya terima dan sesuai dengan harapan...

saya sangat puas dengan pelayanan yang diberikan oleh master-laptop, responnya cepat, pengirimannya tidak lama dan tentunya kualitas barang sesuai dengan yang diiklankan.

Terimakasih master, barang sudah saya terima kondisinya bagus.terima kasih sukses slalu, the best

silahkan pak rusdi kirim email ke hicomtech@yahoo.com segera kami kirimkan filenya

maaf baru sempet nulis..barang nyampe kondisi seperti yand di harapkan..terima kasih.kalau bisa tolong di kirimi sofwarenya mikroskop digital 600x gaosuo..soalnya punyaku hilang...

barang sudah saya terima kondisinya bagus.terima kasih atas pelayanannya yang ramah dan responnya cepat.

Rinto Harahap
Solder Hakko FX-951 mantap Panas nya cepat walau tanpa sleep mode

Rizanto Notowidjojo
Terimakasih, Barang pesanan sudah diterima dengan lengkap dan baik. Pesanan pada akhir minggu sudah diterima hari Senin!!! Salut untuk over weekend delivery!

Mantap Barang yang saya order dari Master Laptop, semuanya normal pelayanan pada konsumen sangat baik, sukes terus untuk master laptop

Barus Service K-Jahe
masterlaptop mantap.. pelayanan oke, fast response, shipment cepat sampai, maju terus buat masterlaptop.com

sukses selalu buat ''MASTER LAPTOP'' Sparepart ''ORY'' AND LENGKAP.sekali pasang langsung JOSS..

ahamad taufiq
barang sudah sampai trims master laptop.

Sip gan barang dah nyampek n sesuai dengan harapan..terimah kasih

sudah 2 tahun lebih jadi members master-laptop, pesanan alat cepat diproses, akuntabel,banyak pilihan, dan saya yakin serta percaya. good luck bravo master-laptop

muhammad rusli
terimah kasih master laptop paketnya sudah sampai... meskipun barang yg saya beli hanya sedikit dan harganya murah...tapi dipacking rapi dari master laptop sehingga barangnya sangat aman.. sukses buat master laptop

muhammad sukri
Barangnya sudah sampai mas, sukses master laptop

M. SYukri nst
Hasil Pengiriman barang sesuai, cepat, tepat. barang ok, harga ok. tks

central laptop
Mantap...respon cepat,..barang bagus

Master laptop top markotop, beli honton langsung di ajarkan set profil meski jarak jauh by phone , belajar terus untuk mendapatkan set terbaik ny...

Master laptop top markotop, beli honton langsung di ajarkan set profil meski jarak jauh by phone , belajar terus untuk mendapatkan set terbaik ny...

master laptop top markotop , beli honton r392 meski jarak jauh by phone pak hendra rela meluangkan waktu ny ,saya jadi tau cara set profile bga, meski belum mendapatkan dan cara mendapatkan setingan terbaik.....belajar terusss

Hikmat central
Tester key udah nyampe..barang test ok

bisa pesan ic yang out stock terus ndak??? Bisa pak..silahkan langsung ke CS kami pak


griya maya Jambi
Terima kasih barang telah kami terima.


Mercy Comp Halmahera Utara
Thank''s Master...Microscope sdh di terima dgn kondisi mulus tanpa cacat...order tool di t4 lain barangnya tdk dikirim semuanya,pd hal uangnya sdh di tt 100%,tapi di Master sy puas...sukses trus Master laptop sudah contact marketingnya pak?

ifan komp
mantap... makasih master laptop...semua barang dan part laptop pesanan ku nyampe....nga nyangka hampir 2 tahun langanan dan semuannya memuaskan....satu kata buat ML " mantap " pertahankan trus ya pelayanannya...by kalsel " tapin.

Satrya Jaya computer
master laptop memang ok banget

agam tech
master laptop memberikan solusi terbaik untuk kerjaan masalah laptop.tank!!!!!!! master laptop

Rahmat com.
Kiriman barang master -laptop okeyy...dah 3 kali order gak ngecewain..betull..gak pake boong..

semua product ok semua sekali order dijamin sampai pemesan...thank mr hendra gunawan....see u agan in malang jawa-timur

tkss,, admin,,, baru posting,,, padahal barangnya udah nyambe sebulan yang lalu,,, hehehe,,, rekomended seller Master-Laptop.com,,, packing barang sempurna, tepat waktu, dan adminnya melayani dengan tulus,,, pesanan saya Preheater kada 853A dan tools reball udah sampe ke Gorontalo,,, tksss,

betha halim
Bu Nining sabar n Topppp Markotop dah.........

Terima kasih Solder SMD nya sdh sampai di palu sulteng dengan kondisi baik dan sesuai pesanan...

delta comp
terima kasih,kiriman ic power sudah nyampai dengan selamat walaupun baru pertama order ke master laptop. mantap pelayananya

Thank you, Kiriman sdh di terima...semoga sukses selalu buat master laktop..

ic 4413 BV8LIL

akses comp
kerjaan jd selesai cepat...berkat LY IR6000. Terima kasih, www.master-laptop.com

made Bali
heheh kasih testimonial dulu Chipset nya OK semua, tidak seperti beli dari tempat lain murah di pasang mati masukan aja jangan masuki yang BS bos nanti banyak yang kecewa...tetap jaga kwalitas biar kami2 teknisi tidak kecewa..jaya terus deh master-laptop

dadang yogyakarta
sorry bro baru bisa kasih testimonial review Lem chipset deh...ane beli dan dah cobai buktikan hasil dari tutorial master-laptop hasilnya sangat kuat, lem seperti asli bawaan pabrikan trims bos trick trick nya

yuda surabaya
hari ini barang sudah saya terima "silver conductive paint" langsung saya cobai dan hasilnya sangat memuaskan, kecepat kering, resistansi kecil, warna 100% silver tidak seperti buatan china, buatan U.K milik master-laptop high quality deh pemakaiannya sangat mudah dan simple

abdulah Bandung
alhamdulilah barang sudah sampai, maaf baru kasih testimonial mereball pakai chipset preheater benar2 mantap biasanya sering gagal pakai blower"popcorn" pakai chipset preheater langsung jadi 100% recomanded deh

Beny Tangerang
Mantap bos iBGA PCB Cleaner nya walau sedikit lebih mahal dari thiner tapi hasil memuasakan cepat kering dan tidak meninggalkan flex, kotoran membandel hilang dalam sekejap, jaya terus master-laptop

Agus tarakan
order sudah 5x lebih barang sampai dengan selamat dan terkirim dengan cepat jaya selalu master-laptop

Bahudi Natuna
info untuk yang mau order di master-laptop recomanded 6 bulan lalu saya beli mesin BGA kemarin ada problem, konsultasi masalahnya dan part yang rusak langsung di ganti "dikirimkan" wah endak perlu kirim mesin bga, hemat ongkos kirim hehehe thanks mesin udah bisa normal dan siap cari uang lagi

Dedy kota waringi
info: Barang sudah saya terima dengan baik dan pengiriman cepat, yang mau order di master-laptop jangan takut pasti barang dikirim dan sangat recomanded reseller saya sendiri sudah membuktikannya

Alex Komang - Padang
hanya Masukan untuk marketing mohon respon nya di percepat untuk menjawab untuk barang dan pelayanan 2 jempol deh packing barang OK dus tidak mudah rusak isolasi bisa pesan seperti itu brp yah saya minat isolasi www.master-laptop.com

Rahmat Makasar
mantap Order Mesin barang udah sampai pengiriman cepat sampai ke saya sukses selalu deh www.master-laptop.com recomanded Reseller deh

juni kurniawan
wah master laptop emang T.O.P dah barang nya sesuai harapan dan cepetnyampeinya terus klaimnya mudah, THANKS MASTER LAPROP

Gugun Bandung
thanks Mesin BGA sudah saya terima, Element pecah langsung di kirimin penganti nya, terimakasih atas support dan trainingnya Beli mesin di master-laptop ada garansi nya di tempat lain endak ada garansi nya pokoe makyus deh master-laptop malang

jack pangkal pinang
Mesin BGA lengkap banget bisa milih dan baru semua saya puas pelayanan di master-laptop, beli mesin gratis training dari nol sampai bisa dan di kasih trick reball dan share masalah laptop maju terus masterplaptop

rudy Harco jakarta
Beli chipset dan ic di master-laptop barangnya baru semua "matanp" dan di pasang langsung on Reseler Recomanded...sukses selalu master-laptop.com

yudy heryanto
barang sdh smp express. packingan mantap.. sy sdh buktikan hicomtech sbg seller yg sgt recommended.. thx

Terima kasih 2 kali orderan, dikirim tepat waktu dengan selamat.... Mantaf lahh...

Ivan Karla
Saya Senang Order Barang di Master Laptop Cuma 1 hari Barang udah Sampai di tujuan dengan Lengkap. Terimah Kasih Master-Laptop.Com Semoga Usahanya Semakin Lancar. By : Nurdin Baharuddin

Maaf baru ngasih testi barangnya udah nyampe dengan selamat gan obeng untuk macbooknya pas buanget gan pelayanannya memuaskan rekomended seller dah :)

anwas safari
Terimakasih master laptop,,chinafix cf160 sdh sampe tepat waktu dan barang ok.. Master laptop terpercaya.

andi arbina sakti (dumay) oprek computer
joosss master laptop proses cepat dan aman ...thanks bos brg sdh sampe nih

Maksh master laptop,preheater Gordak 953 sudh saya terima dengan selamat,buat temen2 yg mau belanja disini jgn ragu,krn barang dijamin baru dan berkualitas,dn tidak tipu tipu,sukses sll buat master laptop :)

barangnya udah nyampe Gorontalo,,,makasih atas pelayanannya,,

setelah training penggunaan cinafix. sekarang dah bisa rebaal dan ganti chipset berhasil normal. trims pak Hendra atas sharing ilmunya.

Edy Mardianto
trimakasih master laptop..respon cepat dan barang sampai cepat dan sesuai harapan,,,dengan dukungan suportnya

Bayu Medan
terimakasih barang sudah saya terima dengan baik dan lancar...trims master laptop

andi bandung
barangnya oke !

Iwan Comp Surabaya
barang saya udah sampai kemarin. makasih ya responnya cepat

candra jakarta
respon cepat barang bagus. terimakasih

Nadia Medan
master-laptop barang saya sudah nyampe. barangnya bagus :) terimakasih

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